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Random thoughts


This was just one of those swim meets, hundreds of parents sitting upstairs, watching down their kids to compete. A 9 years old girl got up on the starting block.  In anticipation of the whistle, she fell into the pool. … Read More »Power


Yesterday, I was checking my son’s reading homework. In one question, it asked what are the characteristics of an astronaut – he was supposed to find the right answer from the story he just read.  My son’s answer was, “Astronauts… Read More »Character


Ability in finding truth People’s ability in finding truth differ.  There are people who can tell the truth ahead of all others and before all evidences are being presented; people who can recognize the truth when the facts are laid… Read More »Truth


I took my daughter to swimming when she was only two years old, which was mostly driven by the thought that swimming will give her a stronger lung – since she was suffering asthma at that time. Fast forward 11… Read More »Potential


Forgot which episode was it in the TV show “West Wing”.  The context was that President Bartlet struggled with a decision to or not to send in special forces to rescue a soldier that was held in hostage in an… Read More »Accountability