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Ability in finding truth

People’s ability in finding truth differ.  There are

  • people who can tell the truth ahead of all others and before all evidences are being presented;
  • people who can recognize the truth when the facts are laid out in front them – the “Aha moment”;
  • people who will never accept the truth when it is against their own will, even all the facts in the world are out there for them to see.

Can we say that’s how we tell the difference between true leaders, responsible citizens, and if not conspirators must be fools?

Meaning of truth

The meaning of truth to people is different to different people.

  • Some think truth is owned by those who are powerful;
  • Some think truth is a tool to be used for the purpose of manipulation (“alternative facts”, anyone?);
  • Some think truth is flexible, “situation-dependent”, and needs to be part of the calculation of personal interest;
  • Some think truth is singular and belongs to God; and only those as God’s followers can speak about it and represent it;
  • Some think truth can only be sought, but not to be claimed – alarm needs to be raised when someone claims to own the truth;
  • Some think truth – as the final destination, when being sought – provides a path that guides the pursuit of happiness and serenity; 

A society is defined by its citizens’ collective attitudes toward truth, and the development of a society is never going to be a straight line.

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