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Forgot which episode was it in the TV show “West Wing”.  The context was that President Bartlet struggled with a decision to or not to send in special forces to rescue a soldier that was held in hostage in an African country.  He finally gave the order to send in the rescue.  The tragedy was that the helicopter of the special forces got shot down and more soldiers lost their lives as a result.

The President was extremely saddened by the news and questioned himself for his decision of sending more men to the danger.  He sought faith for an answer and a peace of his mind.  The priest he summoned told him this story.

“There was a flood.  One religious man got stuck at a high hill.  Someone on a boat came to him and yelled: get on the boat; this man refused and said, the God will take care of me.  Later, a helicopter came and the pilot yelled: get on the helicopter.  This man refused again and said, the God will not let me die.  The water kept rising and the man eventually drowned.  He went to see the God in heaven and asked, I am your loyal servant, how could you let me die.  The God replied, I sent you a boat and a helicopter, but both times you rejected my help!”

One is ultimately responsible and accountable for his own choices and decisions.

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