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After a typical fall storm in central New Jersey, my lawn was covered with fallen leaves and tree branches. It’s just such a headache because I have to pick up all the fallen branches by hand before I could get… Read More »Ownership

“Play Hard”

It was about two months ago, my son’s second last game for the 2020 season of his soccer travel team. I don’t even remember the score of the game, but only our trip back home from the game. The trip… Read More »“Play Hard”

2020 Home Quarantine Principles

These are the “principles” that I put together, targeting the kids as its main audience during their school closure period in facing the Covid-19 virus challenges.

Space of safety

My son, Eric, plays soccer since he was little. He used to have scored the most in his first year travel team. He later moved on to a more competitive team and his position has been moved backwards and he… Read More »Space of safety