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Just make a damn decision, any decision

A couple of months back the wife took the kids to a local library and recycled many old kids books. Somehow one single book got missed and left in the car trunk.

Every time when we opened the trunk taking things out or putting things in, we saw this lonely book. Months passed and the book remained to be in the trunk. We thought about tossing it, going to the library to recycle it again, or just bringing it back to the house. We did nothing, because none of the options seemed to be “the winner”. We were “paralyzed” by this so called no-good-choice among many choices situation.

Have we all been in such a situation at work? The “decision-makers” just couldn’t make up the mind, not because of lack of options but rather because of too many not-good-enough options? In fact, in a situation like that, any choice is better than doing nothing!

I finally brought the book back in the house and left it with the others that are deemed for being recycled down the road – who knows when.

Book in the trunk

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