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Seeding New Lawn

Every fall around the middle of September (for central New Jersey), I seed a small area of new lawn just to gradually improve the condition of the lawn that the previous owner left me. This year was no different. Two days ago, I spent 4 hours did just that, but this time I would like to document how I did it, so someone else may benefit from my experience.

Tools and materials that I use: a concentrated weed and grass killer (glyphosate-based) like this one, an electric tiller like this one, a regular garden rake, top soil like this one, grass seed, starter fertilizer like this one, sprinklers, garden hose, and a hose water timer will help too.

Step 1, apply the grass/weed killer directly on the area you want to re-seed towards the end of August by carefully following the label. It takes about two weeks for the effect.

Step 2, use a tiller to get rid of dead grass or weeds as much as possible.

Step 3, put down a layer of top soil.

Step 4, spread seeds and starter fertilizer, and rake them into the soil.

Step 5, water twice a day for at least two weeks for grass seed to germinate.

Ten days post-seeding update

Seventeen-days post-seeding update


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