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2020 Home Quarantine Principles

These are the “principles” that I put together, targeting the kids as its main audience during their school closure period in facing the Covid-19 virus challenges.

Space of safety

My son, Eric, plays soccer since he was little. He used to have scored the most in his first year travel team. He later moved on to a more competitive team and his position has been moved backwards and he… Read More »Space of safety

Annual lawn care

Last season I used a local Lawn Doctor service. I signed up for five treatments. They showed up on time for the first one. After my repeated email inquiries (never there was a soul to pick up the phone) in… Read More »Annual lawn care


This was just one of those swim meets, hundreds of parents sitting upstairs, watching down their kids to compete. A 9 years old girl got up on the starting block.  In anticipation of the whistle, she fell into the pool. … Read More »Power